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As a breeder, selecting the best puppy for future breeding is essential for building a stronger lineage, ensuring that each new generation maintains and enhances their qualities. To aid in this selection process, we have created the NiviosEvaluationSchedule© as a tool for evaluating litters.
Download the NiviosEvaluationSchedule© here:

We strongly advise against solely conducting evaluations on your own litters, as "kennel blindness" can come into play. Instead, seek an external, impartial party with significant breed knowledge to assess the puppies for you. 

Please note that the average points in this Schedule is experience-based. We therefore encourage you to send back a copy of your filled out document to, as this will contribute to refining our collective knowledge, ultimately benefiting future users.

Thank you for your contribution.

Go to our Breeders Guide to learn more.

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